Services: Corporate

Corporate and group services

Family Kitchen provides the following services to groups and companies:

Wellness Daysbreakfast healthy

Our dieticians will set up a nutrition stand at your wellness day.  The dietician will be available for any nutrition related questions that your employees may have, and will also have one or two displays on their table, depending on your preferences and requirements.  These may include:

  • Smoothies
  • Sugar, fat, and salt content of certain foods
  • Eating on the run
  • Healthy food display

Corporate Vitality Nutrition Assessments

We are able to perform Vitality Nutrition Assessments at your wellness day for employees who are Discovery Vitality members.  More than one of our dieticians can take part depending on the number of assessments required.

Menu development

We develop menus for companies, canteens, schools, preschools, and healthcare facilities.  Analysis of existing menus can also be done.

Group training and education

Family Kitchen provides training and education, in the form of presentations or workshops to groups of any size.  These sessions can be tailored to you companies’ requirements, and can include a variety of nutrition-related topics.

Cooking classes

Family Kitchen provides cooking classes for anyone who would like to learn more about cooking in a healthy way.  One of our areas of focus is teaching domestic workers the basics of cooking, and providing them with appropriate shopping lists and recipes.


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