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Posted: 15-09-2014

superhero cake



Birthday parties and other celebrations get me so excited! I absolutely love to plan, bake and cook for a child’s birthday. This year
was my son’s 4th Birthday party and he decided he would like a Super Hero Party. What a fun theme! There is absolutely so much you can do. I think that it is important to make my children’s parties healthier and not just about sweets and cake. So this was my attempt at a healthier party that was tasty and fun.

The planning of a party is important. I decided that an afternoon party would be great because it gives me time to get ready during that morning and I would then supply snacks and not a full meal. The menu for the party was:

 Flavored water Birthday cakes and candlesCaptain America shield



Chocolate no. 4 cake

Martin was very specific on the type of cake that he wanted. I still need to work on a healthier option but I do believe that a child’s party should have cake

Mini thyme chicken and plain yoghurt breads rolls

Children can hold a mini roll well. They are also a good portion size for children and as a snack for the parents. The plain yoghurt was used to just moisten the chicken and also as it haves less fat than mayonnaise

Incredible Hulk and Superman jelly

Children love jelly. It is super easy and you can make individual portions. Just remember the spoons.

Kryptonite Crispy balls

This is my favourite homemade sweet for a birthday party. It is fast and easy to prepare. Just add food colouring (to the melted butter) to match your party theme.

Dr Octopus fruit kebabs

This is always a hit, they were the first food item to disappear. They are a great snack for the parents and the children. Younger children may need supervision because the sticks can be a bit sharp.

Captain America shield

This is a berry platter with marshmallows. The original plan was to use blue berries as the start but unfortunately we were about a week out of blueberry season. Children love strawberries and they were the first to be eaten of the shield.

Carrot sticks to improve your X-ray vision

I was impressed that even the carrot sticks were eaten, there was only one left over at the end of the day. This is a super easy snack and not expensive. To make it all you need to do is peel and julienne some carrots. Make sure they are thick enough for dipping. The dip was a mixture of flavoured Low fat cream cheese and plain fat free smooth cottage cheese.

There were 3 types of drink for the kids

Flavoured water

Berry juice mixed with lemonade

Fruit juice mixed with water

The different types of drinks offered the parents the ability to choose what they would like their child to drink. All the drinks had less sugar than just offering a carbonated beverage. Often there is only high sugar carbonated beverage available.

 X-ray vision carrots Superhero in tunnel challange Kids using x-ray vision

Once the food was decided upon, the next step is to plan how to entertain and get the kids moving. This is a great the children to play with each other and have some fun together. I decided to have a super hero mission. A princess was kidnapped and all the superheroes at Martins party had to save her. Their mission involved choosing a mask, going through a tunnel, climbing through a spider’s web, walking over a very narrow plank over a smoking pool, using their x-ray vision to find treat in the sand pit, climbing up a mountain and sliding down the slide and finally shooting a target. After the super hero’s had completed each task they could choose a prize and after the final task they could choose their main prize. The prizes where instead of a party pack.  

 Kids getting prizes  Superhero with maskKryptonite crispies

The success of a party like this is inviting amazing people that love and enjoy your child. Also a friend that will help you on the day to set up. Thank you to all the people and children that helped to make Martin’s day special.

  Martin balancing Loot bagSpider man web task


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